Everyday life enriched
with excellent raw materials

Samyang Innochem is a corporation that is in the spotlight among various industrial fields
from numerous electronic devices to automobiles and building materials through
providing Isosorbide which is an eco-friendlier raw plastic material and Bisphenol-A
which is a key raw material for various industries.


A corporation that enhances
the value of
related industries
in a wide range of fields

Samyang Innochem produces Bisphenol-A, which is a raw material for Polycarbonate, used widely in electronics to medical supplies and Isosorbide, an eco-friendly bioplastic material that can replace petrochemical materials. By enhancing the value of related industries with excellent raw materials technology, we will leap forward as a global chemical materials company welcomed in Chinese, American and European markets.

CEO's Message

We will always strive to be a
corporation that provides the
best value.

Samyang Innochem was established in 2009 and produces BPA,
a raw material for polycarbonate and epoxy.

We are making a meaningful contribution to the development of the domestic industry by localizing products that used to depend on imports and supplying stable raw materials within Korea. Also, we are contributing to the development of local communities through job creation and social contribution activities. Samyang Innochem is a corporation that prioritizes environmental protection and customer satisfaction. We will enhance corporate competitiveness by conducting ethical management with transparent and clean business ethics and firmly maintaining a sound corporate image. We will always strive to become a corporation that provides the best value to our customers. We kindly ask for your continued support for the growth of Samyang Innochem. Thank you.

Ho-sung Kang

Samyang Innochem CEO


Introducing the history of innovation that Samyang Innochem has walked.


Head Office
(Gunsan Factory)

133, Free Trade 1-gil, Gunsan-si, Jeonrabukdo



Marketing, Sales, Planning
(Samyang Corporation)

31, Jongro 33-gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul



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Posted on March 28, 2023

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